1-ad questions

  1. 1-ad questions

    i have two bottles of ergopharm 1ad 60 capsules of 100 mg and was wondering what was the best dosing to take. i dont have any 4-ad to go with it i couldnt find much when i searched it without the 4-ad. also ergo pharm says that it doestn convert to estrogen does this mean that you dont need to do anything to lower estrogen after the cycle i was planning to do 6oxo anyways but was wondering what other peoples expieriencees with it

  2. i used double the rec'd for 4 weeks ( it think that was 600mg / day)
    I weighed about 170 when I did it

    had great results with little to no sides to speak off
    much much more pleasent than m1t

    great stuff 1-ad

    since you only have 2 bottles Id just do 400mg / day which will give you 4 weeks.

  3. 400mg's ed for 4 weeks is good. I really liked it when I did 600mg's then bumped up to 900mg's. 1-AD is good stuff, IMO. The addition of 4AD would have been nice to combat the lethargy.

    6-OXO is fine for PCT. However, one should have a bottle of Nolva on-hand just in case it is needed.

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