bulk to a cut

  1. bulk to a cut

    say you just finish your bulking cycle you want to make sure you keep your hard earned muscle. you do this by proper pct and mainting a high calorie diet after your bulk.

    then you want to lose some of the extra pounds of fat you gained on the bulk and decide to do a cutting cycle.

    i was wondering how do you guys do this??? how long do you leave inbetween.....considering you will probably have some sort of test in both cycles and you want to leave enough time after your cycle.

  2. time on = time off

  3. ive heard that before.

    so for example if you went on a 14 week bulk cycle you would have to wait 14 weeks before doing a cut cycle.

    thats fine but at what point do you decide to reduce calories and start hitting cardio harder etc. im sure that would be before you start the cut cycle but not too soon so that you can confirm muscle from the bulk is retained.

    do you think 6 weeks is sufficient time to change ideas and start eating and training for fat loss?

  4. I am new to anabolics, have done 1 27 day cycle, and doubt I'll ever cycle over 6 weeks, but I think I read somewhere about beginning a cycle as a bulker, and finishing it as a cutter. So your 14 weeker could be an 8 week bulk followed by a 6 week cut, followed by PCT and 14 weeks off. Seems like a good idea but I haven't a clue if it has any real world applicability.

  5. I like to do 6-8 week cycles starting with bulk in mind, then ending with not necessarily "cut" in mind (cause it seems better to keep these goals separate) but "keep gains/harden" for the last weeks. This works well for me. Then I take PCT weeks (usually 4) and 6-8 weeks off totally after that.



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