Clen/T3 Advise

  1. Clen/T3 Advise

    On my upcomming 16 week AAS cycle i want to include both clen and T3 because of the summer.

    Currently i'm 27 5'11 210lb and 10% bf.

    I have expirience with both of these compounds except ketotifen.

    I was curious if this cycle is ok or an overkill.
    Weeks 1 - 4 -> clen (morning) /ketotifen (evening)
    Weeks 5 - 11 -> T3
    Weeks 12 - 16 -> clen (morning) / ketotifen (evening)

    If not, can you advise me on a clen/t3 cycle that will be very efficient during my 16 week AAS cycle Test(16weeks)/Tren(12 weeks).

    Input is much appreciated.. thx


  2. I don't think you should run the T3 for that long. I would do this:

    1-4: T3
    5-8: clen/keto
    9-12: T3
    13-16: clen/keto

    This way you won't have to run the T3 for so long.

    Also you'll still be ending the cycle on clen and not T3, which will give your thyroid a chance to come back before PCT w/out worrying about a rebound.

  3. Thx for your input sticks

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