Ingest BA/BB/propylene glycol?

  1. Ingest BA/BB/propylene glycol?

    I have a friend that has some liquid winny in propylene glycol and benzyl alcohol and benzyl benzoate, the solution hurts too bad for him to inject it, so I just told him to drink it, but he is kinda hesitant on doing that. He said if I was to be his test rat, he would give me a few more ml's of it if everything turned out ok. So I figured what the hell, might as well, but I wanted to check here before I did anything too stupid. I know you can drink propylene glycol, I dont know the percentages that the BA and BB is mixed at, but I think it would be low enough not to cause any problems. On the bottle of BA it says it can cause gastrointestinal upset I believe, but I think it would be such a low dose of it that it wouldnt make a difference. What do you guys think, it should be safe to drink this solution shouldnt it?

  2. I am probably going to get an ulcer from this ****, and then an abcess from that fina homebrew LOL....anyways, back to the question

  3. PG, no problem BA and BB I would skip that. I'm not sure but I think the BA might upset your stomach. The ba might very well work like mineral oil, a little of ether probably is not a problem but as cheap as winny powder is why do it.

    BTW not to flame but if that is your buddies idea of homebrew tell him not to next time. If had done some more research he would have found out that PG hurts if your run it at a high leval (I am assuming that it is the carrier here). All low MW weight alcohols, polyhydric or not, are going to be painful at high leavels. Be safe (and don't reinvent the wheel ether, a LOT of people could have told your friend that)

  4. He didnt personally make it, but I will see if I can find out what % BA/BB is in it. So do you think it is not wise to drink this? It is 50mg/ml, so it would just be consuming 1ml at a time.

  5. Why? winny powder is cheap? I not sure so if you try it let me know.

  6. I have never doen so myself but a buddy of mine got some problems with his winny injects as it was oil based making it an uber pain in the ass. He decided to drink the mL for the last 2 weeks or so...he turned out alright, afterall he was not mentally there to begin with


  7. Quote Originally Posted by Skye
    Why? winny powder is cheap? I not sure so if you try it let me know.
    I imagine he put the BA/BB in it since it was originally meant to be injected, but since it hurts so bad, I told him just to drink it. So should it be fine just to drink this solution? I plan on getting some winny powder and am just going to mix it with everclear and some PEG300 for an oral solution.

  8. Tell him to buy some B12 and cut his injections with it if concerned about the BA/BB

  9. can this be ingested or not, I dont think there is anyway he is going to go back to injecting it, its already mixed so it doesnt matter why it was mixed that way, but he has over 50ml of it that way. So what is the relative safeness of drinking this?!?!(I am not for sure if safeness is a word, but it is now )

  10. It probably won't kill you... Probably won't even hurt you to much... but like was mentioned winny powder is quite cheap. So it's up to you whether or not you want to risk it.

  11. Well, I guess I will go for it then, not like it is gonna kill me. I will keep you all posted on how it turns out, if for some reason I keel over dead knox should be able to inform you of my untimely death lol.

  12. So what's the verdict on this? I have some nolva that I added some BA to help fully dissolve. I take it you're still alive, Nate?

  13. Im still kicking, although I never actually tried it. My friend backed out and decided to not let me test any

  14. I doubt that injesting 1ml of you buddy's solution is going to do any harm at all. Let's put this in perspective, even if the BA and BB were both at 10%, at 1ml you're not really swallowing much at all.


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