Masteron- Test prop combo?

  1. Masteron- Test prop combo?

    A question for those who are well versed in conversions, will a combo of Masteron and test Prop do any good? or due to masteron's strong affinity to receptors will it cancel out test's ability to bind to receptors and weaken its effects.
    I also read on CME that you don't actually need to take as much of any other AAS when taking masteron 3 times a week since it enhances the eefects of other AAS involved.
    What gives?

    I'd like to make Masteron/Test Prop 100mg/100mg per ml, any recipes? I have an idea but not sure.

    Thanks In Advance Bros!


  2. Masteron will make the test work better because it has a higher afinity for sex hormone binding globulin. This = more free test also its strong afinity for the aromatase enzyme will lower the conversion to estrogen. In short this combo will rock, nice and hard throughout the cycle. I've never made this combo, but 3% ba and 20% bb should hold it. I would probibly try a 75/75 mix and shoot a litle more.

  3. For 100/100 it would look like this.....
    5 grams Prop
    5 grams Mast
    1.25ml BA
    10mm BB
    31.25 Oil
    50ml @ 200ml/mg
    Put your solvent in the vial then add 1st powder and heat until clear. Then add second powder and heat until clear.

  4. I did it!!! so far so good also very painless I may add


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