I have Low T

  1. I have Low T

    Naturally my testosterone level would be 49.
    Is it possible for a single shot of testosterone cypionate 200 mg @ 1 ML raise my testosterone level to 750 on a blood test ,one week after injection?

  2. Highly doubtful, not after 1 week.

  3. Thats what my endocrinologist said was my test results... It Didn't sound right to me!

  4. It is absolutely possible and likely. When I mistakenly started at that dose in the beginning of TRT, I was riding at around 900-1000 5 days out from my first injection and then it went up to the 1400-1600 range over the course of 4-6 weeks. Way too high.

  5. Could be wrong, I know someone who had a Baseline of 200 and there Test went to 1150 after 3 weeks at 125 weekly.

    However I did not see 1 week after labs. Could be mistaken, but I still wouldn't think it.

    But, if he's on TRT, he probably more accurate than I am.

  6. It wouldn't matter if it was TRT or not, test levels are going to increase substantially on 200mg, even after a single dose. They will increase and then level out over the course of the next weeks. Generally you want to get a lab soon after starting and then 3 months out. If not, then definitely at the 3 month mark.


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