Epistane 2a3a question!!! new at this calorie intake

  1. Cool Epistane 2a3a question!!! new at this calorie intake

    this is my first cycle ever on a prohormone, im 5'11 i weigh 195 i used to be a big guy overweight i lost the weight i was at 280, im trying to see the calorie intake while on epi im trying to get leaner gains obviously look big with bigger arms and chest just all around look big and defined, i would consider myself average looking with little definition not a whole lot i am experienced in lifting my cycle of epi started jun 2, 20/30/30/30/40/20

    what carbs should i intake ? i eat oroweat wheat bread honey-oat,

    chicken boneless, Alaskan salmon, veggies, oatmeal, and isolate whey protein, i drink alot of water also

    what should my calorie intake be through out the whole cycle ??????

  2. Hows it goin? I'm in a similar boat. from what I've gathered expect mad munchies and keep it clean. I'm personally a huge fan of sweet potatoes and brown rice. for center of the plate Buffalo is fairly popular and supposed to be higher protein and lower in fat.

    I'm hoping to start my cycle early July when work settles down a bit. sorry I don't have any hard numbers, but I'm interested to hear about your experience. what does your pct look like?

  3. imo you should have spent more time on understanding what a diet(rah rah insert big rant here) .... but seeing as you've already started the cycle.. i can give you a bit of advice..

    Write yourself up a diet in word or somewhere, on a piece of paper, or wherever... Stick to it for 1-2 weeks, record results and if necessary add in more calories/meals


    Here is macro calculator you can use to get an idea of what im talking about.

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