Test cyp m sten rx cycle

  1. Test cyp m sten rx cycle

    Whats up huys im coming up on my 5th week of test cyp and msten. Im running test at 750mg per week and msten at 40mg per day. Loving my results so far im up about 8lbs and vascularity is getting awesome. I just wanted to share some of my progress and get some opinions on adding some tr3n or trest to the cycle.

    Pre cycle
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  2. Looking Beasty

    How long you gunna run that Msten?

    I would have only went 4 weeks but just my choice.

    I'd pick Tren over Trest.

    Your already on Test.

    I'd get something for prolactin as we'll if you choose Tren.

  3. Looking sick. Not sure why youd run trest when your already on test

  4. Thanks bros. I was thinking trest because I used it pwo on past cycles and loved the pumps. Wanted to add in tren to solidify my gains and shed some fat. I'm just finishing off my bottle of msten at the moment so a few more day on it.

  5. How long you running the test for?

    Personally, I'd run the Tren at the back end of the cycle now just to give yourself a break from the orals.

    That's how I would do it, but I haven't ran Tren, so maybe someone else can help you out on that aspect if I'm wrong.

  6. I actually ran tren over the winter with great results so I'm pretty familiar with how I react to it. The test I was planning 9nce 12 weeks but I have enough for 16 or so

  7. Did you run Tren orally or Pin?

    You get any sides or run anything for prolactin?

    I wanna run it myself, but am avoiding it lol

    I'm gunna run a similar cycle next month.
    Test with DMZ kicker, maybe something on the back end of 12 weeks.

  8. I was pinning tren ace eod. I was lucky and the only sides I got were night sweats and minor trensomnia. Use caber e3d is what I did and didn't get gyno or ed.

  9. Good ****..

    Maybe I'll stop being a ***** about it later down the road.

    Keep us posted bro, I'm in for the progress.

  10. I'll keep it posted. Just remember a little tren goes a long way. Start low and work your way up. Also some people prefer ed shots to keep sides down and blood levels stable. I found eod worked great for me and made me feel like less of a pin cushion.

  11. For sure.

  12. Here's another quick shot from a few minutes ago. Stopped msten a few days ago
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  13. Haven't stepped on the scale for a few weeks but definitely getting bigger I feel.
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  14. Lookin good man!
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  15. Quote Originally Posted by reps4jesus View Post
    Lookin good man!
    Thanks bro I've been hitting it hard

  16. Quote Originally Posted by thatguy28 View Post

    Thanks bro I've been hitting it hard
    Very big difference in pics. You cutting?
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  17. Quote Originally Posted by reps4jesus View Post

    Very big difference in pics. You cutting?
    Trying to add as much lean muscle as possible really. Just leaning out nicely in the process.


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