Best way to stack these!!?

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    Best way to stack these!!?

    Going to be cutting in a few weeks. Sitting at 200 around 10-11 bf percent. Trying to get to 185-180 ish. Of course diet will be clean as possible. Wanna get down for a photo shoot in August so plenty of time.
    I have:
    Burn 24
    *************** S-4 2 bottles
    2 bottle of Purity Solutions Clen.
    Also have ANS Methyl Drive with 1,3.

    Any tips on how to best introduce Clen and S4? Thought about waiting til the last few weeks for the Clen.

    Thanks guys

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    I'd just run S4 at 50mg/day and Burn 24 at recommended doses

    Clen 2 weeks on 2 weeks off, increase dose gradually to find your sweet spot

    On off weeks (weeks without Clen) you could take Methyl Drive.
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