My new cycle, Please review for me

  1. My new cycle, Please review for me

    allright , I've been off for 3 months now, last cycle was D-bol, primo, and Cyp.

    So i'm running this for my cycle starting in two days,

    Anadrol, test prop. , winny, and igf

    I plan on taking it for 5 weeks, just a brief, but strong cycle, I plan on doing 50mg winstrol/day along with 100 mg of anadrol/day and 50mg prop/day, for the first week I plan on keeping the winny same dose throughout the entire 5 weeks, every week I plan on bumping my anadrol up a pill until I get to 200mg/day then i'll come down, I also plan on getting up to 100mg/day of prop my second week and keeping it at that dose until about the 5th week. my igf will be used at 60mcg day week 1, week 2 It will be 80mcg/day, and week 3and 4 100mcg week, then I'll start with hcg week 5 and week 6, i'll start pct with clomid and arimidex

  2. It will be interesting to see how much of your gains you keep when it's all said and done... You shouldn't get shut down to hard with the short cycle with IGF in there...

    ANyway.. I'm curious.

  3. did your liver piss you off?

    if your going to run that leval of gear (thats almost 2grams of orals a week) why not just run 285mg of test a day (2 grams a week.) I think it would be safer and just as effective.

  4. that's a TON of drol ... be very careful

    on a side note, what did you think of the primo last cycle?

  5. The winny v is injectable, About the primo, it's hard to say, I only took 300mgs/week, plus I was running alot of other stuff with it. I would have to say its effects were similar to equipoise

  6. Also, I've done quite a few cycles before and I'm pretty sure my body can handle that amount, what do you guys think about how I am pyramiding, should I just stay at one dose the entire cycle or should I pyramid?

  7. i would start at one dose with the prop and stay the same, the drol i would definitely pyramid if you plan on going up that high to see how you react

    as for the winny being depot .. its still gotta travel through your liver just the same as the oral .. in fact you might as well just drink it and save yourself the poke .. it will be just as effective

  8. I say drop the drol all together. Save it for a longer cycle using test e or test cyp. Bump you prop dose up a bit and run it for 6-8 weeks. JMO.

  9. Two assured hepatoxics in those dosages. The 200 of the oxymetholone plus the stanozol .. your liver has a lot of deactivating to do. No arguments about oral vs. depot stanozol. Its a moot point, the cumulative toxicity of these dosages of these compounds can constitute a profound stress upon the liver.

    The esters are not totally innocent when it comes to liver stress as well .. its just often less profound than the anabolics referred to.

    Liver enzymes alone are not sufficient to warrant that you will not create permanent liver damage. That being said, you should still monitor your baseline ALT, AST, GGT, and throw in an AP and CP and LD for fun.. and get used to going into Labcorp for your biweekly snapshots..

    Also for fun, have a look at the liver donor lists for your area. They aren't the easiest things to match and the waiting lists are very long.

  10. CD1 - that's hilarious.

  11. How much of a difference do you guys think it would make if i took the winny out and kept the doses of test and drol the same?

  12. winny if VERY liver toxic so i would say it would help a lot ... i still recommend starting at one dose of test and keeping it the same i see no need to ramp it

    but do ramp the drol and if you're getting good gains at 100 then just stay there ... why use more than necessary?


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