My first 2 weeks on the SD

  1. My first 2 weeks on the SD

    OK, realy quick, cuz I gotta run. I'm finishing up on my 2nd week of the SD solo. I'm pumping the carbs/protein/calories/water like never before! The office stinks VERY BAD because of me. I started last week @ 10mg. Saw minimal results. Did lean out a little, strength went up very little, (poss. placebo effect..) I think I may have gained a pound. BUmped up to 20mg on Monday. The strength gains have definitely gone up. So much, that I'm hurting! Not a good hurt either. The joints (all) are hurting. The pumps are awesome, but the joint pain is now holding me back from lifting any heavier weights. What's a good joint pain compound? I see the Glucosamine Sulfate w/ the MSM. Is there any one pill that anybody would recommend? I definitely need help on this. My shoulders & lower back (I know it's not a pump) have been killing me all week! I'll check the gains tonight when I get home from work & then again tomorrow morning when I wake up.


  2. 35 views & not one reply??? Not even a little bit of help here?

  3. Not much that helps the joints off hand with an immediate effect. Make sure you are practicing very good form to avoid any injury. I'd make it a staple in my diet and supps to always have flaxseed oil and glucosamine with msm if u want. Glucosamine and msm do however take their time to be beneficial, you cant just take it for a day and notice a change, its reptative dosing through weeks that makes a difference.

  4. I've heard that about the Glucosamine. I'm going to see what I can find tomorrow. Any perticular brand or other ingredients I should look for?


  5. 1 gram glucosimine ed
    1-2 g msm ed

    takes about 3-4 weeks to kick in fully after that you notice a big change

  6. thanks alot! I appreciate it. I'll look for it tomorrow morning!

  7. its expensive if you buy it retail, look for it online, you will save a lot of money.

  8. Went & got me both yesterday. Thanks again on that info.

    I'm thinking of going one more week & bumping it up to 30mg & then 2 weeks off. Would it be OK to start my CET tomorrow, or should I just wait for the off period?
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    You may want to try Tiger Balm or Blue Stuff (or one of the many knock offs, they sell one at the Vitamin Shoppe). My mom has used both and like them and she needs spinal surgery so if anything can help her then it is indeed good!

  10. Thanks Maniak, I'll look for that when my current stash runs out. Anybody have any input on the CET? I'm getting ready to go do back..

  11. Yj, you might want to consider just lightening up a little on the weight or at least not trying to max out in the condition you're in. It's all too common when a person realizes what a good anabolic can do for strength, they end up pushing way more than their joints can handle. Trying to fix the problem with a joint supp is not going to allow you to push more weight without getting injured. I'm in the same boat. I've put on close to 20lbs with SD and 4ADcyp. strength gains are big, but my shoulders are screaming. that tells me to back off. Trust me. Getting injured is not worth being able to claim 10 or 20 more lbs on your max.

  12. yeah, I know... I was supposed to do back today, but figured I'd just rest the whole body one more day. I did legs on Friday, so I'm still recovering from that anyway. I think I'll mix things up this week & hit chest towards the end of the week & stay on the lighter side of the DB's using extremely strict form/concentration.

    Another option I've considered is ending the SD today (2 full weeks) resting for 2 more & then easing back in. Opinions on this? Anything I could/should take for these 2 weeks off if that's the route I take?


  13. 3wks was about perfect for me because gains seemed to slow up a little after 2.5 wks.
    I'm in 2nd wk pct now and after that I'll post on the reference point thing.

    I only increased the weight I was doing by about 5-10lbs each time I hit that body part. That and about 1130 mgs of glucosamine 3-4x a day helps keep my joints from hurting.
    Esp. my shoulders.

  14. I agree with the others. Glucosamine/Chondroitin helped my shoulders a bit, and I used tiger balm for about 3-4 days before bed as well.

  15. thanks. I stopped the SD today, (Well, yesterday was my last dose) I'm going to take two weeks off, continue lifting, but very light, load up on the glucosamine, & flax seed oil, & then come back to the SD. This time though, I'll be more conservative while adding poundages to the lifts.. I think I'll hold off on the CET also, that way I get the full benefit from that as well.

    Overall, I think I may have gained 5lbs. Not bad, but not what I was expecting either after seeing so many 10-15lb gains.. Different strokes for different folks I guess.. We'll see, maybe this next go around, I'll bump up to 30mg & see what happens.


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