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    Thumbs down BAD ADVICE ON THIS BOARD !

    I've been reading over the threads that say "First cycle".

    It is painfully obvious that 99% of the KIDS here have NO BUSINESS giving out advice let alone USING gear.

    I see the most ridiculous things on here.

    "I have read...."

    " I heard from a guy"

    If you are thinking of juicing... DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!

    A gram of test is NOT a good thing to do for a first cycle.

    Diet is 60% of gaining mass.
    Then training..
    Then sleep
    THEN gear.

    Juice is like creatine. It should be doing a small percentage of the work.

    If you listen to the majority on here, you will SEVERELY regret it. I promise you.

    PLease use your head!

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    So you have read the entire board and you have come to this conclusion?

    Pardon me if I say,

    **** off jackhole.

    Go to Elite and and BOlex and see how many "I heard this" you see (about 100x).

    When you have 11k+ members its tends to happen but don't come here and criticize the board as a whole, *******.

    "Diet is 60% of gaining mass.
    Then training..
    Then sleep
    THEN gear."

    Gee, thanks for that. Now take a ****in hike.

    For answers to board issues, read the Suggestion and News forum at the bottom of the main page.
  3. Running with the Big Boys
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    What ****ing board were you reading, because it wasn't this one.. glad that you have managed to find you way to the damn door..

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