HaloPlex recomp cycle critique request.

  1. HaloPlex recomp cycle critique request.

    Just want to start out and say thank you for a great forum, been lurking and reading for months while doing my research.

    Looking for a little cycle critique. Bare with me as this will be a longish post as I am going to try and get as much info in as possible.

    Me: I am 31, and I am a naturally big dude, great genetics for gaining size, very hard for me to lose fat. I have been re-focused and eating very clean since mid December, 5-6 small meals a day and in a fairly heavy calorie deficit. Usually taking in right around 2K cal a day. It has worked fairly well and my upper two sets of abs are just starting to show. I have been in the gym off and on my entire adult life, very consistently for the last three years, and feel pretty good about my knowledge of routine and diet. Doing a re-comp cycle to see if possibly a little help can allow me to see my abs for the first time in my life. I know I can eat a bunch of food and put on size fairly quickly, however I will put on fat as well, and in the process of cutting it is very difficult.

    Current stats.
    Currently sitting at 240lbs,
    Calves; 17in
    Thighs; 27.5in
    Belly; 40.5 (not waist, I wear a 34 pant)
    Chest; 48in
    Bi; 17.5in

    Max bench hovers around 300lbs and squat around 450-500 depending on how hard I have been hitting it.

    Now for my cycle, I chose Hdrol (hardrock HaloPlex) just from research and it being touted as a very dry PH.
    I am currently in day 15 of a 50/75/75/75/75/75 cycle.

    Cycle sups look like this:

    Morning: Multi, calcium, vit C, Iron Labs cycle support, hawthorn, milk thistle, vit D3, And taurine.

    Couple hours later: CTD liver armor, 25mg Halo, Fish oil.

    Couple hours later: taurine (have had back pumps since day one), and cycle assist.

    Couple hours later: CTD liver armor, 25mg Halo, Fish oil.

    Couple hours later: Cycle assist, Glucosamine, Hawthorne berry.

    Couple hours later: CTD liver armor, 25mg Halo, Fish oil.

    Workout before bed.

    For PCT I have Nolva, am planning on a 20/20/10/10, going to run with a cortisol blocker (lean extreme by DS) and also with a natty test booster (TestroPRO by AI) as well as keep on the milk thistle, hawthorne, and also an OTC PCT (Vital labs Post cycle 3x).

    Current cycle impression.... well, I can say as Ive seen much. mirror or scale wise. Good pumps in the gym, feel strong, want to work out. I spend at least an hour a day on the weights 6 days a week. I am getting a bit of an "On" feeling but nothing crazy. no anger, no shutdown, libido has been about standard (I do have a VERY "active" wife so it is always kind of beat down if you know what I mean). No acne, do have back pumps, but that is kind of the only indication that anything is going on.

    Guess it is also important to say that for the most part I have stayed on the caloric deficit, I have added maybe another chicken breast and another protein/BCAA shake in each day, but havent changed much. I am doing this in the hopes that this will allow me to maybe add 5-7 lbs of Lean, and ditch some of the flab that has always plagued my quest to be ripped. Hope I am not selling myself short, just very worried about adding fat that seems so impossible to ditch.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Seems fine, hdrol doesn't really kick in till week 4; I'd consider upping the dose to 100 in weeks 5-6, though, you're a pretty big guy.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Mystere3 View Post
    Seems fine, hdrol doesn't really kick in till week 4; I'd consider upping the dose to 100 in weeks 5-6, though, you're a pretty big guy.

    usually I don't say go over 75, but you're pretty big!
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  4. My first ph run was with hardrocksupps promag 25. I went up to 125 with no significant sides at 200 lbs.

  5. Thanks for the responses guys, I appreciate it!

    You know that is one thing that I have wondered about during the entirety of my research and something that I haven't seen too much discussion on, dosing per body size, something that is pretty common for most meds. Perhaps I will just keep close track of sides and make that decision when week five comes around.

    For the good, since I wrote the initial post I spent about an hour pounding on the bis and tris and the pump was so hard I could barely get my jacket zipped up leaving the gym! This is kind of what I have been waiting for.

    For one more question, with the stated goals of 5-7lbs gain and cutting some of this stubborn flab, does my diet look okay? keep around 2k-2.5k cals a day?

  6. Sounds good, stick with 40% protein, 40% carbs, 20% fat

  7. Did some math and I have enough (Bought two bottles) to do either 5 weeks 50/75/75/100/100 or six weeks with the last week at 100.

    Also, being at the start of week three is there anything anyone could suggest adding to the rest of the cycle to really turn it up? 4-AD? something along those lines?

  8. I'd roll with the 6 weeker.

  9. Okay, I am two days into week four and I am having a hard time feeling the "on" feeling have some sore joints but ive been hitting the weights like mad. HRS doesnt have any reputation for bunk do they? No this is first cycle, not sure exactly what I am waiting to feel, get a decent pump, workouts going well, no real size. But I am running under maintenance caloric intake. Just curious.


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