Anything similar to Furuza?

  1. Anything similar to Furuza?

    Just did the research after getting excited about running this and found out its going to be about 200$ in just the Furuza alone. Anyone know of anything similar but cheaper that I can run along a Stenzine cycle or alone?

  2. yeah furuza is expensive i ran 5 bottles with a stack with epi. everything appears to be discontinued except for furuza-50 but if your looking for a mild cutting compound thats a little less expensive that is good to stack you can try LGI-11x or Stano-200

  3. Most of the non-methyl require a pretty high dose(requiring several bottles). Just use something like Hdrol or Epi and zero in on your diet during the cycle

  4. non methyl do take a lot in order to have an impact but if you are taking them with a stronger compound then it can be a good compliment and a decent range dose. for instance furuza as stand alone you would need to run it at 400-500 mg to have an impact but with a methyl you can dose it at about 300. you should never take 2 methyls at the same time i dont care what liver support you are taking but to each there own.

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