FRL Alpha Mass Gyno?

  1. FRL Alpha Mass Gyno?

    Hey guys this is my first post here and I read the gyno sticky before hand which made feel a little better and a little worse at the same time because my chest kind of looks similar to one of the pictures there haha. I'm currently running 6 caps a day of FRL alpha mass and tomorrow will start week 3. However today I noticed my nipples are pretty sensitive which i've heard is normal for a first cycle. I don't feel a lump really however I guess on my right side the tissue under and around my nipple feels different than fat. I have always had lower placed nipples compared to a lot of guys I see but never really pointy or anything. However as my chest gets bigger it is more noticeable and seems like my nipples don't even sit on the muscle of my chest but rather below it on softer tissue, this is even more noticeable when I flex. I am sure I am freaking myself out but bitch tits are nothing to play around with in my opinion. I was hoping to get some opinions from you guys on what it sounds like. I know DHEA has a lot of different conversion pathways in the body so I'm assuming estrogen conversion would be a legitimate possibility but all the logs I've read had zero side effects like this. I'm not running an AI or anything with it right now just the AM solo. I know Royd is a resident expert on the FRL products so hopefully he'll see this. Any help you guys could offer is greatly appreciated.

  2. I got gyno from doing a M-LMG cycle. Only in my right nipple though. I went to doctor and they diagnosed it and gave me Tamoxifen for it. I still have it and I am going to go back to doctor in about 3 months for it, if they can't offer me anything else chemical wise to try to take care of it then they will do surgery to cut it out. I don't have the lump under the nipple anymore but I just have what appears like a juicy fatty soft layer under my nipple that just makes my nipple point out weird and fatty like. I am at around 18% BF right now but I still had it when I was around 12%. You can ride it out and do some cycles then go to doctor, or if it is a big deal to you then I would go to the doctor straight away because they might be able to stop it.

  3. FRL has their own header under Supplements->Supplement Companies. If you're looking for Royd I'd try there. I doubt Alpha Mass is giving you gyno and guess that you're probably being paranoid, but anything is possible.

  4. Gyno from alpha mass?dont think its very probable.

  5. That's what I'm thinking, I'm sure I'm just freaking myself out. The nips are definitely tender and a little puffy though. I got the normal gyno when I was younger and going through puberty so maybe the possible rise in estrogen could have aggravated it a little bit? I don't know, just figured it was worth coming here to see what folks had to say. Would it be beneficial to add an AI to my cycle just to be safe?

  6. I also doubt it gave you gyno. It may have stimulated existing gyno...... But I still doubt it.

  7. Alright thanks for the reassurance boys. Anyone know the typical "magic week" for the kick in on the mass gains with alpha? I've heard week 3 but I know it varies. Anyone ran it personally?

  8. How are you dosing it?

  9. Started at 6 caps a day (3 am and 3 pm), and have been running that since day one. I was planning on do 6 caps for 4 weeks and then upping it to either 9 or 12 for the last 2 weeks to keep the gains going steady.

  10. You should get a powerful ai

  11. Yeah I was thinking about it, any good ones you'd recommend?

  12. I can get this stuff called L3 precept (tried to post a link but post count isn't high enough) from a local store asap but don't know if it would just be garbage. Or should I go with arimidex from a research chem site?

  13. Seriously there's so many posts on why u shudnt use an ai for a cycle like this, it will do more harm than good.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Shin View Post
    Seriously there's so many posts on why u shudnt use an ai for a cycle like this, it will do more harm than good.
    And why is it one shouldn't use an ai to control estrogen while running a non aromatizable androgen?
    I ask because the body is going to respond to the imbalance of androgen to estrogen by increasing production of aromatase, in an attempt to fix things.

    Regardless of the type of androgen used, if one is concerned about ergogenic sides, they should use an ai.


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