Poll: would you add 90m tren to week 4 of your 7 week epi cycle?

adding tren to an epi run?

  1. adding tren to an epi run?

    Looking for some advice. I'm 2 days into week 3 of a 6 week epi cycle dosed 30/40/40/50/50/60. I will be adding gw at week 4 and running 8 weeks at 20mg ed.

    I'm considering adding some bsl super trenabol at 90mg starting week 4 and running for the last 3 weeks with epi and 1 week solo before starting pct. Most epi/tren runs have tren for weeks 1-3 and epi 2-6. Given epistanes anti e properties I can understand this layout. But from my understanding the bigger concern with tren should be prolactin. So.. my question is if I run some inhibit p along side the tren is there any real disadvantage to adding the tren for the last 4 weeks of my cycle? Im already enjoying a great cycle. I respond very well to epi alone, so maybe perhaps just run a traditional tren/epi stack several months down the road?


  2. It should provide you some nice strength gains those last 4 weeks . I would definitely add some Inhibit P with Tren

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  3. Do it! Add Sns inhibit-p and your golden like mw1 said.

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  4. Thanks gents. Very much appreciated.

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