Running dbol end of cycle

  1. Running dbol end of cycle

    I started off with a test E 500mg/ week cycle (10 weeks). I'm about to hit week 5, but recently I've wanted to take some dbol. Is it cool if I run 4 weeks of dbol this late in the cycle? 40mg/day with milk thistle. I also have a good pct and diet.
    Stats: 24 yo, 5'11 180. Btw my BP has been good lately so that shouldn't be a worry


  2. Start on week 9 and run from week 9-13 so you will be bridging into pct allowing for the test to clear your system. Plus the test is just peaking so you still may get sides so that's also why I am insisting you hold off .

  3. Adding another 50% in orals will be incredible, yes
    Extend the cycle imo as well. 10 weeks, ****s just starting to get good

  4. Well imma give it a try!

  5. Run test 10 weeks and run dbol from 9-13 and start pct once you finish the dbol.

  6. Sweet.. Thanks guys.


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