SD Bloodwork

  1. SD Bloodwork

    Starting my Sd/4derm cycle on 2/15/05
    I've done 1 M1T cycle recently which destroyed my Lipid profile completely. (went from 200 to 320)
    A month ago I was at 259 total cholesterol and that was all natural.
    I've been using red rice yeast and fish oil to help get it back prior to my SD cycle.

    I will get bloods done prior to this cycle, after and again after PCT(hopefully sledge will have Rebound out so I can get bloods done with that instead of Nolva)
    Gonna run red rice, fish oil and maybe some Cholestene throughout cycle in hopes of saving my lipids. (bad due to father)

    With the lack of bloodwork done on SD I am hoping it will not ruin my cholesterol, that's the reason to run all those supps.
    I've posted all my results before but if anyone wants to see them I'll post, but they are M1t bloods not SD.

    Goodluck to everyone using SD now, all the results sound awsome. Can't wait to begin.
    Wish we had more bloodwork done to see how it's going inside.

    I've also got three friends starting SD only in a couple weeks, gonna ask them to get bloods done also and post here.

  2. sounds good. might want to post the M1T bloodwork in a new thread, for sorting/searching purposes.

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