gaining muscle??

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by fueledpassion View Post
    My wife eats 1800-2000/day and doesnt gain weight...and she weighs only 113lbs...

    Metabolism has millions of different drivers it seems. Not just about total muscle mass.
    No doubt about that.

  2. Watch untold truth female version on youtube. Chick talks about females and drug use for bodybuilding

  3. If op wants to know her options she needs to learn about aas.

    William Llewellyn ANABOLICS 10th edition is a good start.

    You'll want a steroid with the lowest androgenicity.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by EpicThighGrl2 View Post
    Wow, didn't expect that many replies. To answer some of the questions that were raised: Diet: could use some cleaning up. I follow a mostly Paleo style, I.e. lost of fruit, veggies, and eggs and meat for protein, plus some dairy. No fast food really, have never really done that. Getting about 60-80g protein, and around 1800-2200 cal a day. Not logging my food intake right, but have in the past. I think this works for working out 2x a week. Once that increases, macros need to increase as well. Workout: currently doing a 5x5 program, doing squats, bench press, and assisted pullups one day, and deadlifts, biceps curls, triceps extensions, and arnold press or snatches the other. Planning on getting back to a 5 days a week program in the near future. Goal: gain muscle mass, wouldn't exactly mind if a bit of fat came along for the ride. I don't want to compete, so don't want to get to those low bodyfat levels. I guess the physique I'm shooting for is something like figure competitor, maybe a bit more muscular in the legs. I'm not necessarily looking for advice on what I should take, I'm trying to find out what options women have, should I choose to go that route, so I can do research on those things. It's kinda hard to do research, if you don't know what you're researching. Also, the legality of those things has me confused as heck. Anavar is not legal, no? And another question, how would/do women react to a SARM?
    I am a figure competitor
    I am 5.4 n I weigh same as u....

    I wouldn't turn to gear...not just yet...
    I eat a lot more than u, but I also train 6days/week
    Work on ur diet n c how ur body responds.. More protein/day is needed , that's the first step.......

  5. My mother was a BB in the 80's and now she competes in cross fit. Mag could probably help u the most, she's totally right about diet. Even more so than men. Get ur diet on point and a solid lift schedule. Paleo might not be the best diet for ur give a soild 3-6 months if a new diet and lift schedule then u add in some hormones to aid. Good luck, nothing is more attractive than a women who's willing to work hard and make sacrifices to get what she wants.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by csa2179 View Post
    Good luck, nothing is more attractive than a women who's willing to work hard and make sacrifices to get what she wants.
    What about a woman with three tits?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Number 10 View Post
    What about a woman with three tits?
    Depends, lol.....
    Does she lift? ( lmao...)

  8. Quote Originally Posted by RH2012 View Post
    something that any female should consider before using anabolics, drugs like anavar are frequently faked and you could end up taking a strong androgen and not know it until you have virilization. these sides can be permanent.
    Anavar( pharmaceutical grade) very mild, no sides in any of the girls I know...

    Winstrol( pharmaceutical grade) may bring on some facial hair or an enlarged clit...
    Out of 9 girls I know, 1 got the sides....

    Primo, is mild....
    One of my girls got a cold while she was on it, n it permanently lowered her voice....
    ( wait.... Lol... That was a long cycle n a couple of colds, ha ha ha....)


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