Is this Right???

  1. Is this Right???

    just wanted to doucle check the process for converting fina because the links in the sticky would not work on my computer for some reason.....

    Fina 20ml @ 100mg/ml

    Remove pellets from catridge and grind them up

    place ground up pellets in coffee filter and filter into beaker using heat methyl alcohol

    2 gms tren powder will be left in the coffee filter allow this to dry and bake at a low heat to ensure dryness

    add powder to .6 ml ba and 2ml bb allow to dissolve then add 16ml sesame or cottonseed oil

    heet until fully dissolved 30 mins at 250 degrees

    without touching solution remove from vial with syringe and filter through a .02 whatman filter into sealed sterile vial using a 22 pr 23 gauge needle and 5cc syringe with a needle in the side for venting

    allow to cool

    should yield 20 ml @100 mg per ml

    any input or changes to his conversion method in order to ensure it is done correctly would be much appreciated


  2. First thing, you need to disolve the ground up fina in the methanol in a container of some kind, using as little methanol as possible, then filter thru the coffee filter. I never get the whole 2 grams.

    I have never used the "drying method" to get the final result. I usually add water to precipitate the tren out of the solution, then filter it to get the wet powder, then just let air dry in filter.

    Then I mix the final gear in a pyrex measuring cup, and heat in MW to help everything dissolve. Then suck it up with your syringe, attach whatman, filter into sealed vial and voila!

    I use a 20ml syringe, to do this. Let sit overnight and check that all is still dissolve, with no particles.

    I didn't check your recipe numbers for proper percentage of BA and BB, I'm too lazy...

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