11-sterone cycle

  1. 11-sterone cycle

    Hey! New to the forum - starting a 11-sterone cycle soon - just wanted to get your feedback to see if anything needs to be added.

    11-Sterone - 5 weeks -


    PCT -

    Reversitol V2 - 3/3/3/3
    Erase - 0/0/3/2/2/1


  2. Terribly low dosage to feel anything.

  3. Same answer as on the other forum, homie.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by Domenic View Post
    Same answer as on the other forum, homie.

  5. If you are trying to put on size you need to at least double that dose. But I would also say you need a SERM if you run it that high.
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  6. 11 oxo is weak. It's good for leaning out, but you still need to dose it at a minimum of 900
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  7. The OP is hellbent on running at 450mg, so it will just act as a cortisol inhibitor/fat burner I guess.

  8. Sometimes for fun, I do a little math after reading some guys poor cycle dosing. It almost always comes down to not wanting to purchase another bottle because of the 14 more pills they'd need or maybe they're broke and just want to start a cycle now and not wait for another few bottles to come in the mail.

  9. 11-oxo serves so nicely as a mild addition to a cutting cycle, especially a tough, exhausting one. It makes very little sense to me as a standalone hormone. Best of luck either way but if your goals are putting on a decent amount of lean muscle, just drop $50 on some epistane. You could save the 11 for a future cut or stack it with epi for a great easy run.

    P.S. you need a post cycle. A post cycle consists of a SERM and THEN your additional supplementary OTC goods.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by DWeaver View Post

    Go Vols!

    Also run this at 1gram or don't bother. It isn't really cost efficient but that is where the best gains are had. I would say 800mg at the bare minimum. I wouldn't say you have to have a SERM for this, but why not just buy one anyway? Run Clomid or Nolva alongside a natty test booster like Tropinol XP. 11oxo is a nice little compound, but if you want to bulk on it you have to run it high.

  11. At 450mgs not serm is needed. You could use a OTC test booster and MILD AI but that's it


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