A newb question (sorry in advance)

  1. A newb question (sorry in advance)

    I have been using cel cycle assist and some extra liver supports for years with no problems. Mostly just NAC for liv support, but lately, this whole TUDCA crave has been unsettling for me. do you guys think i should pick up some tudca or would i be fine with my traditional supports? i realize the science behind the tudca but i have been fine with the others for as long as i have been cycling with orals.

    just curious as to what you guys think

    as usual,

    thank you


  2. Blood tests will tell. I'd say add but I like my liver.
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  3. I used to think other than just a little milk thistle, they are a massive waste of money. A healthy liver can usually take 10x the beating for twice as long and recover to 100% function in a matter of weeks. But then I ran some SD w Test and by week 3, I couldn't eat at all. So for survival, not worth the money. For a successful cycle, you may want to consider it.

  4. Liver function controls lipid profile as well. It's a massive down chain domino effect. No money spent on the liver was ever wasted, IMO
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  5. I use Cycle Assist on EVERY cycle and have always had bloodwork come back within range.

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  6. I gotcha. So it's a matter of opinion really although there is science behind both prevalent liv supports. I might pick up on some tudca just in case

  7. I use tudca and liv 52 DS.

  8. For the record, if you really think about the strain we put on our bodies, the grey area of the law we teeter, and the money we spend, it does make a lot of sense to run support supps. I was in the middle of what should have been my most impressive cycle ever and had to cut it short at only 6 weeks. Not only did I lose everything I gained but the nausea was so bad I lost another 5 lbs. Complete waste of a cycle because I ran a toxic oral and didn't run extensive liver care.

  9. Yeah I understand what you're saying. When I ran my first sd cycle way back in the day that stuff had my liver values jacked and I could tell too but I always ended up fine. I do see the benefit of the tudca however. Guess I'll just have to trade in my old cycle assist for some new hardware in the form of tudca lol

  10. I've never had problems while using cycle assist.
    And I've ran some crazy oral cycles.


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