Prolactin Gyno

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  1. Ya I use research for prami

  2. RC prami. I am not 100% trustworthy of liquid RC caber.

    Prami has done great for me along with Asin and Tamoxifen... Still running Deca and Test and gyno is nearly gone... I was even able to lower my frequency.
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  3. Daniel and DarkHorse: Thanks. Glad to see the RC version is actualy working. Im surprised as I have heard this class of drug (not just casber/dostinex) is rendered inert once suspended in liquid. Maybe not! LOL
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  4. No prob. I hope this helps. just a little heads up RC letro on average is under dosed or at least from my experience.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Dark horse View Post
    No prob. I hope this helps. just a little heads up RC letro on average is under dosed or at least from my experience.
    Just depends on where you get it.

  6. how long did you run the parami and did you taper done? I on 1mg every day so far for a week and was on 2mg for a week....still get slight puffyness in the afternoon...sometimes also running tamox at 10mg daily and letro .3 of 2.5 daily

  7. If you find good Nolva and Letro, this is a good way to run it without rebounding. have like 5 people confirming it helping, but I know this is prolactin gyno your talking about.
    letro- 2.5mgs a day for 15 days, nolva 40mgs a day for 30days, start nolva day ten, the overlap is crucial for any rebound.

  8. This thread contains a lot of good info. Inhibit P by SNS is good and so is Prolactrone by black lion research: Best of luck!
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