Prolactin Gyno

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  1. Ya I use research for prami

  2. RC prami. I am not 100% trustworthy of liquid RC caber.

    Prami has done great for me along with Asin and Tamoxifen... Still running Deca and Test and gyno is nearly gone... I was even able to lower my frequency.
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  3. Daniel and DarkHorse: Thanks. Glad to see the RC version is actualy working. Im surprised as I have heard this class of drug (not just casber/dostinex) is rendered inert once suspended in liquid. Maybe not! LOL
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  4. No prob. I hope this helps. just a little heads up RC letro on average is under dosed or at least from my experience.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Dark horse View Post
    No prob. I hope this helps. just a little heads up RC letro on average is under dosed or at least from my experience.
    Just depends on where you get it.
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  6. how long did you run the parami and did you taper done? I on 1mg every day so far for a week and was on 2mg for a week....still get slight puffyness in the afternoon...sometimes also running tamox at 10mg daily and letro .3 of 2.5 daily

  7. If you find good Nolva and Letro, this is a good way to run it without rebounding. have like 5 people confirming it helping, but I know this is prolactin gyno your talking about.
    letro- 2.5mgs a day for 15 days, nolva 40mgs a day for 30days, start nolva day ten, the overlap is crucial for any rebound.

  8. This thread contains a lot of good info. Inhibit P by SNS is good and so is Prolactrone by black lion research: Best of luck!
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