Arimadex headaches?

  1. Arimadex headaches?

    This is my first time Using d-Bol and arimadex basically to kick start my 4th cycle of sust. I am plenty hydrated but I am getting massive pressure headaches. Not sure if it's from the 30mg dbol I'm taking or the .25 of arimadex I'm taking. Any ideas?

  2. I have bad joint dryness even with fish oil

  3. Is it .25mg ED or EOD? When I ran Dbol at 50mg with 500mg test my E2 went pretty lofty.

  4. .25 everyday in the am when I take my 1st dbol tab.

  5. I'd guess it's the dbol. But I could be wrong. I've run high doses or adex without headaches but 25 mgs of dbol gives me a weekly headache.

  6. Adex gave me bad headaches, especially behind my eyes.


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