Thoughts on slin/test cyp cycle.

  1. Thoughts on slin/test cyp cycle.

    Basically a bulking phase 500mg test cyp wk. 2 pins of 250/wk. start off at 2-3 ius slin (humulin r) 2-3 days wk post workout. Taper up to higher iu. 10g carbs per iu clean simple and complex carb shake w creatine mono, glutamein 60g whey protein. big meal hr after ping. Small meal 30-60 min after 1st meal. 5-6 meals daily. 2g protein per body weight. Not to worried about fats naturaly skinny (bulking) still keeping fats healthy tho. 22yrs old 6'2 185lbs 4yrs lifting 1st cycle. i know the risks of slin. live with my g/f who will be b me 4 hrs afyer every ping. cvomments suggestions on cucle

  2. First cycle and you're gonna use slin? If you're not planning to b a pro BBer this is not a good idea, well even if u r its never a great idea but I see the reasoning behind it.

  3. 6' 2 185lbs first cycle wants to use slin... ya lost me.

  4. Slin is a huge step. It could leave you permanently diabetic, because of the high insulin, rendering your cells insulin resistant. Even than, a hypoglycemic case can escalate to something horrible. (extreme hypo)

    If you are looking into nutrient partitioning, look into using peptides first.
    I'm currently running 450mcg ghrp-6 with 300mcg cjc-1295 no dac and am seeing great results as far as carbohydrate uptake.

  5. insulin is a terrible drug, like diuretics
    my advice would be to never run it unless you were required to run hgh in doses that put your blood sugar to high

  6. Seriously man you have no idea what you're getting yourself into. It's life and death if you screw up. Leave the insulin alone if you're not a diabetic

  7. It's not really the death that's the issue. Any idiot can use slin and not die
    It's just how powerful it is. It will put any nutrients into cells, sugars, aminos, fats. It does not care where it puts it either. You will get fat build-up inside the muscles and visceral fat build-up. On a low fat diet you minimise this issue but it's still not the best for health. Insulin has many, many physiological effects. It will stop you from excreting sodium so you had better make sure your sodium is low or you'll get chronic inflammation and many, many autoimmune diseases in the long term


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