Clonodine on cycle?

  1. Clonodine on cycle?

    For all of you who don't know clonodine is a medication that lowers blood pressure. I was wondering if it could be used on cycle or if it would interfere negatively with prohormones all help is appreciated.

  2. I know people that have used it for on cycle. Note some used it for other indications. Always refer to a medical doctor for any medical advice. I would highly advice you to try to lower your BP naturally before cycling so you can come off the Meds for this issue. I see alot of patient that are feed BP meds due to one or two out of range readings.

  3. Thanks for your concern but it's not mine I'm pretty sure I have normal blood pressure I just want something for on cycle

  4. Monitor your bp and use coQ10. It help me out a bit, but I currently and routinely take this supp all year round.

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