Help: is this an abcess?

  1. Help: is this an abcess?

    This is a first for me, I've done a lot of injections over the years and had painful pip but this is a little different. A bit of information:

    This is from 1-test c, which I hear is very painful, crashes easy(perhaps even in muscle) and requires a lot of solvents to dissolve.

    I got it from a friend locally so not a big lab, but I know a few people using the stuff without problems - I've actually been using the test e and eq.

    I tested it subq with .3cc and have not done IM yet.

    So to sum it up its a small subq injection on my quad from a small ugl with a compound that has a bad rep for pip. Day 1) stung like hell when it went in then nothing until Day 2) when it became red and itchy than Day 3) it stopped being itchy and started being tender and got a little swollen. It's gotten more red and a little bigger but not more painful and it's not hot to the touch - that is to say not hotter than me, but my bodies always hot and kinda sweaty. Is this an infection? Subq related problem? Sterile abcess? Irritation or rejection of solvents?


  2. I usually swell up from subq injections that are oil based. Is it hot to the touch?

    Is it a high concentration?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by PumpHouse View Post
    I usually swell up from subq injections that are oil based. Is it hot to the touch?

    Is it a high concentration?
    I've done subq for a full cycle before and would get a little swelling and discomfort here and there, nothing crazy - I actually have a friend who will only do subq cause IM scares him, and a Dr ?Sweller? only recommends subq for TRT.

    So no it doesn't really feel hot to the touch, at least not any hotter than the rest of me, and no it's not high concentration - only 150mg/ml.

    I'm pretty sure it crashes when injected cause my buddy told me how to put it back into solution if it crashes in the bottle. Anyone have any comment on that?

  4. This is 24hrs ago

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    this is 12hrs ago

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    and this is now

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    Its marker not bruising from me drawing a circle to test for cellulitis. The red got bigger but its gotten less swolen and painful. It does not feel like there is an abscess, I do not feel sick or feverish, andbit does not feel hot to the touch. Did it crash once injected?

  5. They were sterile abscesses or intense swelling from what I believe to crashing post injection. Got super swollen and red an then shrunk and bruised with a little hard knot in every instance.

    To get to 450mg 1-test c per week I'm doing .66cc eq .5cc test e and .33cc test base with 1cc 1-test for 2.5cc 3x per week. Also I heat it up so that its warm going in - no pip or problems whatsoever.



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