'serious' bodybuilding and health

  1. 'serious' bodybuilding and health

    okay so I read a lot of bodybuilding literature and every so often I keep hearing many bodybuilders who retired rather young (maybe 30-35) say almost the same story which goes like this "I was doing very well in bodybuilding but then I had an unfortunate accident or I got injured and had to quit"

    but they very mysteriously never go into what actually happened, which leads me to believe it MAY have something to do with them taking too much aas or possibly more likely diuretics, or perhaps they have gotten a disease (hepatitis, etc.) from improper injection?

    what happens to these guys? does anybody know bodybuilders who retired young? could they be sick because aas [I]supposedly[I] suppresses the immune system?

    any input is much appreciated

  2. Generally speaking, they're sick from the amount of drugs they're on. Two of the biggest determining factors for turning pro (after getting diet and training down, of course) are 1.) Can you afford what you need to take to turn pro. And 2.) Can your body handle what you need to take to turn pro. Some guys can, some can't. Some have long careers, some retire, some croak.
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