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Test E and Dbol 12 Cycle

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    Test E and Dbol 12 Cycle

    Alright ya'll, its been a while, but good to be back.

    Background, 3 previous cycles: 1st was a 6 week Helladrol Cycle in which I went from 180 to 190. 2nd Cycle was an Epi-10/Trenazone cycle for 8 weeks, in which I went from 192 to 208. Went on a deployment to Africa, got jacked up and couldn't walk for a few months. 3rd cycle was Beastdrol for 3 weeks focusing on lean growth only, 194 to 204. Following that I was sent on an assignment where my calorie intake was about 1500 a day. Though I dropped back down to 194, I had virtually kept all the strength gains made, though my bench dropped from 405 to 335.

    Now, sense I will be stateside for a while I've decided to go for a good bulk, and enter into the AAS realm, so here goes:


    Test E - 500mg/week x 12 weeks
    Dbol - 50mg/day x 4-6 week (First 4 to 6 weeks)
    HCG - 300-500 iu (from week 5 to first couple weeks of PCT)
    Arimidex on hand when needed (If I notice anything, it will be about .25mg EOD bc my body responds very well to AI's)
    Fish Oil - Everyday
    Milk Thistle - Everyday
    Taurine - Mon thru Fri Each week

    Post Cycle

    Clomid - 100mg week 1, 75mg weeks 2-3, 50mg week 4
    Nolva - 20mg weeks 1-2, 10mg weeks 3-4
    DAA - 3g weeks 1-6
    Craze - PreWorkout
    Arimidex on hand
    Milk Thistle

    Started first pin of Test E on Mon @ 250mg, second pin was today (Thursday) @ 250mg; and first dose of Oral Dbol on Wed an hour before my workout @ 50mg.

    Current Routine is a German Volume Training routine, supplemented with Morning PT mon, wed, and fri (a combination of sprints, long distance runs, ruck runs, core work, etc)

    Day 1:
    Army PT

    Dumbbell Bench Press: --------------- 10x10
    Dumbbell Flyes: ----------------------- 3x10-15
    Barbell Shoulder Press: --------------- 10x10
    Seated Side Lateral Raises : ---------- 3x10-15
    Standing Calf Raises: ----------------- 10x10
    Seated Calf Raises: -------------------- 10x10

    Day 2 - Off:

    Day 3:
    Army PT

    Bent-Over Barbell Rows: ------------- 10x10
    Standing Straight Arm Pull-downs: - 3x10-15
    Hamstrings Dead-lifts: ----------------- 10x10
    Lying Leg Curls: ----------------------- 3x10-15
    Hanging Leg Raises (Weighted): ---- 10x10
    Parallel grip pullups:------------------- 5 between every set of Leg Raises
    Crunches: ------------------------------- 10x10

    Day 4 - Off:

    Day 5:
    Army PT

    Barbell Squats: ------------------------- 10x10
    Plate Carry Full Squat: ---------------- 3x10-15
    Barbell Curls: --------------------------- 3x10-12
    Alternating Dumbbell Curls: --------- 3x10-12
    Close Grip Bench Press: -------------- 3x10-12
    Cable Press-downs: ------------------- 3x10-12

    Day 6 - Off:

    Day 7 - Off:

    Tell me what you think...

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    How is this going so far?

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