Ultradrol/Dermacrine/(Epi?) Cycle [Need Input]

  1. Ultradrol/Dermacrine/(Epi?) Cycle [Need Input]

    Hey there, this is going to be my third cycle, first was Epi with Dermacrine as a test base which i was astounded by (probably because it was my first cycle). Second was Hdrol stacked with Epi with Dermacrine as a test base (liked Epi strength and lack of sides, wanted to add more mass). Both cycles i used Anteus labs Talos as support while on, and the PCT for both consisted of Torem, Bioforge Biotiva, PES Erase, and NAC for support. Sides were minimal to non existant, only appearing near the end of each cycle in the form of mild acne and shedding. Joints were not an issue as i used 2G+ fish oil per day and added in SuperCissus starting at week three of each cycle, running until the bottle was done (1 bottle per cycle, that is).

    1st cycle was Epistrong for six weeks at 30/45/45/60/60/75 with Dermacrine at 7 pumps ED spaced for lethargy/cort control as i did intermittent fasting 5 out of the 7 days of the week. The sides were nonexistant until the last 3 days when i started to get acne and experienced a bit of shedding/recession (acne left quickly and hair has come back)

    2nd cycle was Xtreme Epi-drol at 3 caps per day for the entire cycle, (15mg epi/25mg hdrol per cap) for 4 weeks, and i threw in 15mg of Epistrong that i had left from my first cycle ED for the last two weeks. (so 45mg epi/75mg hdrol for 4 weeks, and 60mg epi/75mg hdrol for the last 2 weeks to complete the six week cycle)

    PCT of Torem for both cycles was 4 weeks at 90/60/60/30 (with 120 for the first 4 days of the week in which i dosed 90 per day) Recovered from both adequately according to bloodwork.

    For my third cycle, i'm looking into running Ultradrol Elite with Dermacrine, but im hesitant about adding in Epi... the first cycle with Epi gave me the strength to correct my posture because i had adequate proprioception to feel out more than just the prime movers, greatly increasing my lifts/helping form despite only gaining 8lb and keeping ~7.

    I am looking to run the Ultradrol Elite for 6 weeks at 7/14/14/14/14/14 with Dermacrine at an average of 7 pumps per day (starting low, and increasing # of pumps as lethargy becomes stronger).

    I am interested in this cycle as i want to add more mass to my frame and have heard positive reviews regarding UD Elite in terms of gains/sides experienced. I'm currently sitting at 194lb (as of this morning) with roughly 10% BF (decent abs/very defined serratus). I'm hoping to keep at least 10lb post cycle, adding it mostly in my hams/quads/lower back and core. I eat extremely healthy (10g+ of psyllium husk fiber per day, thank costco) in addition to plenty of greens and chicken/beef. I take in over 300g protein per day with a macro split of 40/30/30, i'm in the off season of a competitive sport that is very cardio intensive and am training with my team 4 days/week, lifting about 3 days/week to explain why i take in so many calories (thank recompadrol for keeping the damage down lol). I also use taurine and caffeine (about 400mg+ caffeine per day) judiciously throughout the day, and phosphatidyl serine with plenty of vitamin C to keep my from feeling burned out.

    Considering the demands of my schedule (im in classes at University as well) and my goals, how would adding in 15mg of Epi per day (for 6 weeks) affect my results? Would this dramatically increase the sides for minimal gain increases? I'm curious as to how this would affect the UD Elite, as in whether they would have an unexpected synergistic effect when stacked. I'm providing lots of information, as i'm very interested in potentially running a log of this cycle (even if i don't add in the Epi), and want to avoid any unnecessary/unforeseen increase in sides. Let me know of any concerns/additional info needed from me as well.

  2. Just run ultradrol + dermacrine for 4 weeks and if sides are minimal you could stack epi+ultradrol+derm on the next cycle. Ultradrol can have severe sides so I wouldn't suggest stacking with epi till you run it solo and know what to expect.

  3. that's a good point, i'll definitely run UD Elite solo w/ Dermacrine so i become more familiar with it first. Thanks

  4. Quote Originally Posted by aquareef View Post
    that's a good point, i'll definitely run UD Elite solo w/ Dermacrine so i become more familiar with it first. Thanks
    Also get some taurine for back pumps. M-sten/ultradrol gives me crippling back pumps.

  5. Yeah i bought the bulk supply from nutra for taurine, made that mistake the first time and almost didn't make it home from the gym haha



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