Friends lack of PCT

  1. Friends lack of PCT

    One of my good buddies took a very harsh OTC PH (Barbarian V2 for 4 weeks followed by another one for 4 weeks), but he did not have bad sides. He only used the over the counter pct which from what ive read online was no where near anything to counteract the PH. As of now he said he feels fine and normal, its been about 5 weeks. Is there anything he should take just incase?

  2. 5 weeks after his cycle?
    Prob just a cycle of erase.
    Clomid if he got it.
    I prob would just do erase to combat estro rebound.
    His hormones should start to kick in already..
    ...but I I dont know what that compound is anyway

  3. Can't say unless he gets a blood panel.
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  4. Your "friend" needs to get bloodwork done. I read all your previous post.... Lol at the "friend" story.

  5. Thats the right answer



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