epistane/max lmg good ph stack?good for bulk?

  1. epistane/max lmg good ph stack?good for bulk?

    what would be best dosage and cycle length for epi and max lmg cycle. goal is all out bulk.just finished 45 days lgi mechabol gained 7.5 pounds on the scale but i dropped 2 or 3 pounds fat fore sure. in pct now holdin on to gains

  2. Take time off between cycles, but usually people do 30 epi/ 75 lmg
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  3. 6 weeks enough off time?

  4. Curious about this stack as well. Was leaning towards an epi/dmz stack this winter, but wanted to read more about lmg before I decide on that. I've only run epi/stano stack before.

  5. epi 30-50
    mlmg 75-125
    5/6 weeks
    anything between these should be fine, could go higher based on how well u react to them..

    would take at least 2 months off after ending pct to start another

  6. general rule of thumb, cycle time + pct time = time off

    so 6 week cycle + 6 week pct= 12 weeks off then preload
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