H-Drol cycle (75mg x6 weeks) and PCT, am I g2g?

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    Awesome! Thanks guys, I'll stick with 75 and see how it goes.
    Been bulking since August on around 3000 cals. Will start upping those starting Thanksgiving Should have no problem being up to 3500-4000 by the end of Christmas and beginning of cycle in January.
    Definitely keep the cals up. I've found that it's tough to even get too many while bulking with moderate to high doses of Hdrol. Obviously you CAN get too many and store fat but I'd likely want to vomit from simply eating too much well before that seems to happen. I've been getting closer to 4k daily myself. If gains get stale towards the end I do think bumping up to 100mg is worth considering. I wouldn't run it for the full duration though due to obvious liver toxicity.

  2. Absolutely. I know the liver thing is an issue, but if I decide to go up to 100 I'll take 2 extra cycle assists.

  3. Done with this cycle yesterday. Overall I'm honestly not that impressed with the h-drol. I went up greatly in strength but that could be due to the high calories. Gained about 5 pounds with a little fat gain, but quite solid. So far between the two, I would definitely say my epi cycle was better.

    Anyway, starting PCT today. Changed the dose slightly

    6:30AM: 2 Activate Xtreme, 1 Erase
    12:00PM: 1 Erase
    2:30PM: 3g DAA
    6:30PM: 2 Activate Xtreme, 1 Erase
    10:30PM: 20mg Nolva

    We'll see how this goes. Keeping calories high and continuing the bulk through PCT, then starting a gradual cut mid-March for 10 weeks.

  4. Epi is a stronger compound, hdrol was my first and I loved it epi will be my next, I loved the strength gains on hdrol mine were awesome!


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