SUS 250, DBOL Stack

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    sorry for getting sidetracked. re-cap: pin more often, use AI at some point, DAA in PCT, taper up with dbol and AM is run by gear hating ****ers that don't like foul language.
    Sounds good man thanks a lot !
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    Hello friends, wanting critics to slam my stack I am fixing to run and adjust as you would see better fit. I haven't ran a cycle in about 2 years and wanted to try it this winter. I'm not a genius like most of you on here so please give me some pointers.

    SUS 250; 500mgs/wk, 250-Sunday,250-Wednesday 1-10 weeks
    DBol; 25mgs ed 1 week; week 2-6 50 mgs/ed (I've never taken Dbol want to adjust my body with it and start with baby steps.)
    CEL Cycle Assist 1-10 8pills/ed
    Mr.Supp Forged Liver Support 1-10
    **PL D-Pol ? Unsure if to use or if I should throw it in the mix. ( I have never used DAA during a cycle and not sure if I should hence the ? mark)
    Nolva and Clomid Post.
    Of course normal Opti-men, Fish oil, Crete Creatine Pills, and Preworkout.

    Thanks in advance. I plan on sticking with this cycle because it is all in my possession and I have been planning it for a bit now, but wanted to make a post and see if I should change anything on it adding or deleting.
    I would only run dbol for 4 weeks.


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