Spring cycle Plan

  1. I am trying to put a medium length cycle for the spring and i have a couple ideas. The point of the following cycle would be to initially get a good 10-15lb increase in the first 6 weeks followed by a recomp/cut on the last 4 weeks. I am now bout 9%bf and probably will be by the time the cycle comes around and im thinking ill go up to 10% ish during the 1rst 6 weeks and cut down to 8% luckily during the last 4.
    I had a bad experience with inj on my last cycle and it pretty much made me waste weeks of cycle gains so im staying away from them untill I know for a fact that i can get a product that my body wont react stupidly to. For the longer cycle I decided to go for non methylated compounds with some methylated at the beggining and end. This is how it would look:
    On Cycle: (weeks 1-10)
    Transdermal Trestolone: 100/100/100/100/100/100/100/100/100/100
    Trenavar: 0/0/0/0/90/90/90/90/120/120!
    Msten: 15/20/20/20/0/0/0/0/0/0
    T3 0/0/0/0/0/0/50mcg/50/50/50
    Exemestane: 12.5 EOD or ED if estro sides appear.

    PCT: (weeks 11-14)
    Clomid 300mg first day then 100/50/50
    Ostarine: 12.5/12.5/12.5/12.5
    Toremifene: 120/90/60/30
    Exemestane 0/0/0/12.5 ED (prevent rebound Gyno)

    Other supps:
    Inhibit-P during the full 14 weeks.
    Cycle support during the cycle.
    Fish oils (7g/day)

    As far as training goes Ill proably end up going with a hypertrophy training during the 1rst 6 weeks and strength training during the last 4 and the PCT.
    For diet Im going to do 700 cals over maintenance during workout days and 300 over during resting days for the first 6 weeks (40p/40c/20f).
    For the last 4 weeks I want to do Maintenance during workout days and under 300 for non workout days (40p/40c/20f).

    I have a couple questions:
    1. Anyone tried a lean bulk into recomp cycle that can shine a light as to how much better over straight recomp throughout it could be.
    2. Would torem be good for my PCT since its a nolva derivative and im running a tren compound?
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  2. After reading a bit more it seems that a better idea would be to run trenavar only the last 6 weeks. Im going to modify the original post to reflect my new plan.
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  3. Don't need to run day 1 of clomid at 300. Also I would be weary of ostarine in your pct. I think that is a low dose, but it can be suppressive. I wouldn't take the chance. I would get a cortisol control product like Reduce XT and add it in week 3 of PCT.
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  4. Ill look into the Reduce XT. As far as the ostarine goes...theres no way im ever running a PCT without it. My last PCT went incredibly smooth while somehow getting stronger and more ripped. Im fairly certain that the serms completely outweigh any possible suppression that the low dose osta could have and since the osta will clear out of my system well before the SERMs i don't really think there's much of a problem.

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