Winter wonderland

  1. Winter wonderland

    Hello again, its been awhile since I have posted but as always surfing over the forums for new and different things.
    Still busting my ass in the gym as usual without slacking.
    26 yo. 6',now down to 171 lbs, 7% BF, benching 335, squatting 345, deadlifting 385. (Haters, I do full reps also not quarters.) 5 years lifting experience started at 140 lbs, weighed 184 back in Feb. Ripped as a chip and solid as a rock, but its time to put more mass on for winter. I look like I weigh 190 and surprise people when I say 170-175.
    So I want to be 185 and look like I am 220.(Like 70% of America, the rest wanting 220 looking 280)

    My money is not at a peak right now, like most of us in the U.S. So I am thinking about just running a Tren A/Dbol cycle. I've read alot of reviews and most love it, besides the lethargy that some get from the tren, and the lovers of Test of course, but what is everyone elses opinion on this cycle for 8weeks. Should I skip these two and just run sust 250 since I'm already low BF? *Also I have a problem with acne and would like to prevent shooting SUST 350 in my face for 12 weeks gaining 60 lbs and 10,000 zits. Thanks in advance.

    If I ran it I was shooting for
    Tren A 1-8 400/wk eod
    Dbol 1-8 30/wk ed
    Nolva or Clomid 8-12
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  2. I've never used tren alone, I've always been told to use it with something and have listened.

    So you want to gain weight, do you have anything on hand or ??
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  3. My buddy has close to a pharmacy. Of course, I'm not starting Monday, just prepping everything before hand. The weight isn't as much a big deal as getting stronger, because we all know, with strength comes mass, and the more strength comes more need for food, requiring my body to jump into overdrive.

    The reasoning of using just TrenA and Dbol. But like I said I am open to anything at this point, and not a big additive user, I have only done 1 cycle in my day. Although I'm an avid reader and helper to the rookies in the various gyms I've been to who do not read. (I travel for work and meet alot of rookie steroid users who are destroying their bodies.)
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  4. So you want strength basically?

    I'd just suggest a test and drol cycle... nothing fancy. You can use tren for your second cycle, but there's a little more to it. Again, I don't have experience without using test w tren, but just based on what others say I wouldn't suggest it.

    8 weeks on dbol is a lot too, 6 would be the most I'd use.
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  5. What about andropen 275? Have any thoughts on it, heard of any outrageous sides?
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  6. Ok when I was into PLing, this is the sort of cycle I'd run

    1-12/14/16test e 500mg
    1-12 tren e 300-400mg
    1-4 dbol 50mg
    1-4 drol 50mg

    Not suggesting for you too, but you'll get strong as fck on it
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  7. Got ya, I'll probably try the andropen 275 medium dosed and dbol for 6 wks like suggested. Save tren for later date thanks bro.
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