750mg test cyp, need adex ideas

  1. 750mg test cyp, need adex ideas

    I want to run a cycle of 750mg test cyp, I need ideas on the best options. I know the standard ( you should know your body blah blah)

    I'm thinking of stating with .25mg every 2 days. But I'm gyno prone. I have a clomid, hcg, and letro on hand. But I would like to run adex.

    Vitamin d3 2000
    Omega 3,6,9
    Ala and ra-ala
    Tudca until I run out then liv52
    Cycle support and life cycle
    Hawthorn berry 1000mg
    If I get bloated water out by now brands
    Taurine 1000mg

    Any ideas should I run adex .25mg Ed or e3d. I want to keep my libido up and water bloat and gyno away.

  2. just run as is with adex. if you have problems, use letro.

    750mg of test your libidio will be fine, .25 eod
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

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