transport Oils - advice?

  1. transport Oils - advice?


    My friend wants to know how to transport oils. He needs to take the oil (test-e, etc) out of the 10 ml vial and put it into something generic and then travel.

    then, he needs to put the oil back into a container and make sure its sterile for use.

    any ideas? anyone seen some content on this?


  2. you compromise the sterile environment when doing so

  3. I would think it would depend on the color of the oil but olive oil container, or cotton seed oil, or grape seed oil container would all work. I assume your trying to get this past someone who does not want you to bring it where you are going..."not to scare you but that is some federal prison time stuff"...but once its where you plan to use it you will need to purchase sterile vials, syringes and syringe filters..with needles.. and then read up on syringe filtering your product.
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