Want to give Msten a shout and ask a few questions.

  1. Want to give Msten a shout and ask a few questions.

    First off I've started my first ph cycle with Assault Labs Msten. I don't know if there are better versions out there but this stuff is working and working well!!
    I've went from 180 to around 195 in the last month(ridiculous, but probably alot of water as well.) My strength has shot up on bench,sqaut and dead's. I feel full all the time in my arms and back. the best part is the only side I've had was a little lethargy, but when you have this stuff in you your body is doing abnormal things. SEX!!It could be because I'm still only 22 that I want to f**k all the freaking time. I feel bad for my girlfriend. Another great part is the food!! I've added almost 1k calories to my diet and have gained MINIMAL fat. I was always around 6-7 percent bf at 165-170 for boxing and I look almost as cut as I did then. My questions are:

    1.Should I up my intake for the final 2 weeks of cycle? Currently at 16mg/day

    2.After PCT would Epistane be a viable stack(w/Msten) or better by itself?

    3. I've been reading up on Anavar and am considering using it around next summer:
    -would it be safer for my organs to just go ahead and invest in it?

    4.Are there any ph's that are more effective than Msten, yet less toxic and safer?

    Not asking for all answers at once, just looking for input on any of them.

    Thanks guys!! Happy lifting!!

  2. Since this was your first cycle I would probably take about 3-4 months off any oral. Methylsten is pretty harsh on the liver. If you can get legit anavar then I would no doubt opt for that and have some test prop as a base instead of an epi cycle. Anavar is a great oral, just expensive.

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