Has anyone ever had any dealings with this veterinary steroid before
    Just got hold of 10mL of it and was wondering what to expect when I eventually use it and what would be best to use with it?

  2. Who makes it? Animal Power?

  3. Well on the box it says ilium, so I guess they make it

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Wallsy72
    Well on the box it says ilium, so I guess they make it
    I never heard of it. That doesn't mean anything. I homebrew or buy domestic. I'll ask around for you.

  5. Thanks, on the side of the box it says TROY LABORATORIES PTY. LIMITED
    98 Long Street Smithfield, NSW 2164, AUSTRALIA, if thats anything to go on

    I found this pic of eactly what I have:

  6. Thanks for the link for it!
    Well I decided to start taking it yesterday, I know it takes a bit of time to see any effects but man did I feel hungry all day yesterday, I just couldnt stop eating, not as bad today though I guess when I do my next shot it will will come back, gonna stack it with Sust & Deca for about 10 weeks then do some shots of Winstrol with another roid (unsure as to what yet)

  7. Alright If I'm reading this right... You have 10ml of 50mg/ml EQ.

    Which means you have in total a 1 week supply at best. And to use it you would need to pin 5ml twice a week. Your going to have run out and get 10 or 12 more 10ml bottles to see anything out of it... eek.

    Why bother using it in the first place.. Even if it was free it's not really worth it, because of the sheer volume you would have to inject.

    I have a bottle at home that is 10 times the concentration @ 500mg/ml... So much easier.


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