First cycle. Is it good and what can i gain.

  1. Thumbs up First cycle. Is it good and what can i gain.

    Hi, im about to start my first injectable cycle and want to know if i will do it right and what can i get from it. im 27 years old, 94 kg, been in gym for 2 years and 1 year of it eating and training as good as i can. After researching alot i will do this:

    10 week cycle

    250mg test prop ew
    200mg tren enanthate ew
    bold 300mg ew

    anavar weeks 1-4 30mg ed

    proviron and clomid.
    And i need some advise on pct, how its better to take proviron and clomid?
    Im thinking to take proviron for 4 weeks and then clomid for 3 weeks separately.

    thanks for opinions!

  2. I don't mean to hate but if you have been researching a lot then you have wasted a lot of time because you have it all wrong.Run test only @500mg for 10-12 weeks. You are going with 3 compounds and you don't even know how you respond to one. Second. By bold I assume you mean EQ which needs to be ran much higher to get minimal results for at a minimum of 12 weeks. Also Tren plays different with everyone so you don't want to run it with other compounds you are unfamiliar with and not know for sure where your sides are coming from. Your anavar dose is too low to be worth running as a kicker. You should have gone with dbol or a PH as I'm assuming you are running it at a low dose due to cost. And finally don't run provirion during your pct as it is counter productive to recovery it being a hormone and all. It does not seem to impact hpta much when everything is up and running but I does seem to slow recovery during pct. Some may try to argue this but there is not real benefit to running it during pct if it has the potential to hinder recovery.

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