GH users, your preferred dosing schedule?

  1. GH users, your preferred dosing schedule?

    Im actually uping the dose from 6-8iu ed, dividing the dose into 4 shots a day now

    My question is though, who here would do 8iu- 5 on 2 off for 9 months

    or 8iu 7 days a week, for 7 months...

    The total time on is most likely going to extend, asIm pretty sure Im gonna get a few more while the price is right, just wanted to get a few opinions on this, as there are so damn many

  2. twice a day is enough , and 5 on 2 off is so much better . and since ure using more than 5 iu ( which is the point where the liver stops manufacturing igf-1 as a response to gh it seems ) , using cytomel and insulin will help reverse this factor and thus more igf-1 release .
    and i think 2 shots a day are fine enough , especially if u get slin in there too .

  3. I would tend to agree with Ray on this one... 2 shots a day does quite well....

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