Test e,dbol,deca

  1. Test e,dbol,deca

    Hey fellas im 36 yrs old,5"11 235 pounds and im currently on my 5th week on this first cycle
    Test E 500mg weeks 1-16
    Dbol 40mg weeks 1-4 and then again weeks 12-16
    Deca 400 mg a wk.weeks 4-16
    Arimidex eod .25mg
    Nolvadex and clomid for pct
    omega 3fish oil 3 times daily
    Amino acids 6 pills a day
    Multi vitamin 2pills in the morning

    Just need you guys feedback on this i been lifting for 5yrs and im now im on it hard.Im eating like a monster eating 6-7 meals a day consisting of milk,eggs,chicken,beef,fish,tu na,peanut butter,protein powders etc....Im on week 5 and my bench press shot from 205lbs 6 times before cycle to 315lbs 6 times.Strength gains are all around im doing 315 on the squats 315lbs on the deadlift and on the bench.im feeling great,side effects are minimal.My question is can i stay with this bulking cycle all winter to gain max size and strength then for spring start a cutting cycle?

  2. You should have ran deca from start,and stop deca 2 weeks sooner than test.

  3. Dont use nolva with deca. It can cause gyno symptoms to get worse. Just use clomid in pct. as far as running the cycle longer, most would say no because its your 1st and deca can shut you down pretty hard,but if i had the gear i would do a 20 week run. Imo. Up to you man. Hard to stop when its sooo good.

  4. Thanks bro.I wanted to run deca from the start with dbol but i felt like seperating and experiment dbol and deca seperate with test E.Dbol gives you a hell of a strentgh boost to kickstart.Diet makes a big difference also when you eat clean massive protein.

  5. You are right how can you stop when you feel like this but i want to do this right.

  6. Deca caused me to shut down hard. I didn't run test longer so make sure you pin test 2 weeks longer then deca.

    Gave me deca dick and had problems for months also broke out with horrible backne. Hope u don't get those sides

  7. Dam that sucks so i should stop deca week 14?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by eli2007nyc View Post
    Dam that sucks so i should stop deca week 14?
    Yes stop deca at wk 14.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by wicked442 View Post
    Yes stop deca at wk 14.
    Thanks man appreciate the input


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