Ran 1 cycle of Testplex450 have a question

  1. Ran 1 cycle of Testplex450 have a question

    So roughly 10 - 11 months ago I picked up a bottle of Testplex450 from the local supplement store, at the recommendation of the manager/friend of mine. He's always seemed knowledgeable about supplements / anabolics so I trusted him word for word. I weighed about 170 at the time, height about 5' 11" and 22 years old. He said to take one per day for 90 days, although the bottle said to take more per day for less time he said that wasnt necessary for my build and it was too much for me. He told me if I felt any tenderness in my nips to come back and get something else from him. i never had any problem like that though. At the end of the 90 days I went back and got a PCT, called formexx black from him to take and i took two of those per day for 30 days. My gains and all were great, sex drive higher than ever, and appetite insatiable. so I came off of it well, and didnt notice anything at the time. I had alot of stress in my life right after the cycle, and started working nights and couldnt get to the gym as much anymore for almost two months, so I lost alot of the gains. The bigger effect of that period was my mind and body were abnormal anyway so i couldnt tell if anything was caused by the testplex. So I get back in the gym steadily for about 8-9 months now and im noticing still that my drive in the gym is not there anymore, as well as my sex drive is much lower than normal. if im not concentrating on sex then i dont stay hard, meaning like if someone knocks on our door, we get a phone call, whatever it may be. Also i've noticed my testes are always up where they would hang if it was cold out. never down lower im sure yall get it. i got bloodwork done before i ran all this but i just figured id put my story out there to see if anyone has some insight. Plus doctors havnt helped me in the past much..btw this was the only ph i've ever used and havent used anything after this. Just normal supps: beta alanine, creatine, whey protein, and bcaa powder. and pre workout, which is MRI Black Powder. Thanks for the help guys

  2. not trying to be a dick or anything, but could you use enter please? that's a wall of text
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  3. Ok what happened is your "friend" at the supplement store f****d you over. TESTPLEXX 450 has 4 steroids in it M1,4ADD, H-DROL, EPISTANE, LMG. You have no drive probably because you have no testosterone in your body or very little because you didn't have a proper pct. I'd suggest getting blood work done asap. Maybe see a doctor. I hate giving advice without having all the facts but if you are looking to self medicate do some research on "Clomid restart".

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    not trying to be a dick or anything, but could you use enter please? that's a wall of text
    I was like WHOA! Lol.

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    I was like WHOA! Lol.
    Lol I only made it half way........ I tried



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