mechabol and furuza log

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    mechabol and furuza log

    Hey guys a little info first im 5 days in decided to do a little log. Im 5'11 weighed 223 the day i started will weigh in each fri. Its a 6 week run 100 mg of mechabol with 300mg of furuza and 50 mg of some leftover pmag. Have run 2 cycles in the past iml 1/4 andro and shredded labs m14diol nothing from either so im giving it another go.

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    Forgot to mention diet and training are on point i think the sl m14ad was bunk and the iml was not enough to get any effect. im wanting to get to 230-235 at around the same bf% which is around 12-15% already feeling harder and saw a 10 lb increase on my incline db press today.

  3. bjordan
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    Update couldnt wait to weigh myself weighed 228 this morning feeling hard and i had great vascularity before veins seem like they are becoming more pronounced. any questions i will answer as soon as i can

  4. in for the run!
    curious to training routine and pct when you get the chance
  5. bjordan
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    Sure bro training first
    sunday arms
    Monday legs
    Tuesday chest
    Wednesday back
    Thursday rest
    Friday shoulders
    Saturday rest
    I do a lot of volume and work as fast as I can 1 to 1.30 most of the time
    pct im gonna try black lion research formeron at 2 pumps ed for week 1 2/3/4 1 pump a day with pni paragon and epharm pump spray. Yes a serm is there if needed im just trying this method out curious to the outcome of it.

  6. hmmm interesting ill have to look into that thanks man. as long as serm is on hand! id use It week 1 IMO but its your body. keep the log posted man goodluck! enjoy the ride
  7. bjordan
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    yea i know its probably not the best idea but i want to see how i recover using those products. will def keep the posts comin im banking on getting some good results from this stack they are the new lgi ones and there isnt many people doing methyl clostebol and furuza so i figured id do a good log of them.

  8. great stack, in
  9. bjordan
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    Thanks bro glad your on for the ride
  10. bjordan
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    i f-ed up and put this in the wrong area will start up in the cycle info area tomorrow and catch everything up


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