appetite taking a dive - LMG?

  1. appetite taking a dive - LMG?

    I'm in week 3 of a halo/lmg/stano cycle:

    75 halo
    75 lmg
    600 stano

    Halo has never curbed my appetite before, so it's either the stano or lmg. Leaning toward the LMG since my stano dose is pretty low. Has anyone experienced this effect with LMG? I've also been getting nauseous a good bit lately, so I think I'm going to stop the LMG to see if that makes a difference.


  2. Carb intake too low? And up the stano

  3. Quote Originally Posted by goat23 View Post
    Carb intake too low? And up the stano
    Yeah, it probably is - food intake in general is probably too low cause I'm just never hungry. I try to eat even if I don't feel like it, but I'll up the carbs. Do you think going to 800 on stano will help my appetite any? I know that I stay hungry on Epi. I also lost my appetite when I tried 1AD - I hated that stuff.

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