Here is my stash, I need cycle ideas.

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    Question Here is my stash, I need cycle ideas.

    I am 28, 6ft 230 and I have decided it is time to finally break into my rainy day PH stash again after some time off, and run a cycle. Below is a list of everything I have on hand, please let me know your ideas on how you would personally stack any of these. I am going to do a bulk in the winter, then maybe 4 months later do a cut/recomp. My diet is in check, training controlled and dialed in for size right now, just finished a 12 week strength program. Well here is what I Have. Do have fun making some dream cycles for me...

    -3 bottles Iron Labs Hal XT
    -4 bottles CEL 11-Sterone
    -4 bottles 1 Andro rx
    -2 bottles CEL EQ Plex
    -1 bottle CEL M14ADD
    -1 bottle CEL Max LMG
    -1 bottle Epistane
    -1 bottle CEL M-drol
    -1 bottle LGI Alpha 20

    For PCT/Cycle Support, I have 3 50ml (20mg/ml) Nolvadex, Plenty of Aromasin, forged liver, Forged PCT, AnnaBetta Elite, Erase Pro

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    You could go with either a straight mdrol cycle or maybe a epi for 4 weeks bridged with Alpha one then go straight to pct.
    Halo w/ EQ plex would be a great stack with less sides

    Serious Nutrition Solution ~~

    mw at seriousnutritionsolutions dot com
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    what did you end up doing?
    Your fastest weight is your best weight

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