First Ever Cycle Helladrol: Opinions/Adivce Welcomed

  1. First Ever Cycle Helladrol: Opinions/Adivce Welcomed

    Age: 24 Weight: 165 Height: 5’10” Years Trained: 4-5 years
    BF% 9-10 Maintainance: 2800 Planned Intake: 3300
    Bench: 285 Squat: 325 Deadlift: 295
    This is going to be my first cycle ever and I have done what I believe is some quality research on how to prepare and run a proper Helladrol cycle but I would like to into your knowledge and experience to see if I am possibly missing anything for my Pre, During and Post cycle. Thank you all for your advice and viewpoints. If everything looks good I plan on running this in December after I have taken my GRE. I don’t want be raging for the big test.
    My Plan
    Pre Load: Weeks 1-2
    CEL Cycle Assist, Creatine Mono, Taurine, Fish Oil, Orange Triad

    During Cycle: Weeks 3-8
    Helladrol: (50 or 75)/75/75/75/(75 or 100)/(75 or 100) Opinions???
    CEL Cycle Assist, Purus Labs Slinshot
    Creatine Mono, Taurine, Fish Oil, Orange Triad
    SNS Caffeine Free Focus XT, I-Force Hemavol

    Post: Weeks 9-15
    Nolva: 20/20/10/10
    Cell Cycle Assist, SNS Bulbine, Purus D-Pol, Analyzed Dopadex, Pes Anabeta OG
    Creatine Mono, Taurine, Fish Oil, Orange Triad
    SNS Caffeine Free Focus XT, I-Force Hemavol
    PES Erase: Week 11 and continued to Week 15

    Thanks guys

  2. wow that is extremely well done and laid out!

    6 weeks @ 50mgs you could start at, I've done 100 and its nothing different than 75 except you're REALLY thirsty. I'd also do 1 week of nolva @ 40mgs

    nj bud
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  3. Thank you very much bro. I wanted to show that I have done my research and that I have really thought this through unlike most people I have seen.
    Your Advice is definitely noted on the Nolva and the Helladrol Dosage.
    If the only real difference between 75 and 100 is thirst then I will be sure to keep it at 75.

  4. Make sure you have enough AI on hand just incase you see an estro sides on cycle.

  5. From advice given, my new cycle will be 50/75/75/75/75/75 and i I have decided to increase my nolva dosage to 40/20/20/20. In addition to this I have two full bottles of erase so im covered well after my cycle has completed if needed.

    Unless u have any other ideas of a better aromatase inhibitor other than erase?

    Should I also add something else with the Mucuna pruriens and bulbine natalensis to help with the SHBG or would that be pointless with what I already have?
    I know that research for stinging nettle root is bunk when it comes to SHBG but is there anything else out there?

  6. Had to cut cycle short at start of 3rd week. Ankels and neck became so swollen, breathing was difficult with toes and hands completely numb. I followed everything to the T. Any ideas on what happened?

    FYI just the left ankle swelled up? Da fa???


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