First true cycle

  1. First true cycle

    Whatsup everyone, glad to be onboard to learn and share experiences. I've started my 3 rd cycle today and am so excited I would like to log my 10 week cycle in hopes of positive acceptance and feedback. Well for beginners,I'm 28 years old,5ft 6,165 pounds. Been lifting since highschool,always had a passion for bodybuilding when I was a kid I grew up on old Arnold flicks and wanted to be swoll like him. I've always been a small build and its always been hard for me to put mass on, guess its a high metabolic rate is what ive always said((LOL)). So in reality this is my first real cycle since my first 2 were ph cycles. Both at 1 month off 2 months off, got good results but man was it hard to keep gains , I say I kept 35% Gains after pct.. today I started my sust250 and SD10 cycle. 250 mg once a week of test for the entire cycle,SD 20mgs a day for first 4 weeks ,ai- liquid anastrazole .25mg eod for start(prone to gyno as I just recovered off gyno from last ph cycle of msten.). And going with clomid 2 weeks after last shot at end of run,maybe some hcg too,not sure yet/ well started all today and feeling good, no pip on test and I know its in my head but I feel like the SD is surging thru my blood already!!!will post in a bit diet and training regiment!!stay swoll

  2. so your cycle is
    1-4 super drol 10/20 x x x
    1-10 test e 250mgs?
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  3. Hey geekpoop, 1-4 SD 20/20/20/20. 1-10 Sustanon at 250 mgs. Ive been waiting 2 months after my last cycle to jump on this,,man I should see great results,I kind of felt the SD already kicking in strenght last night on my work out, (stellar). I'm keeping the SD at 20 mg a day instead of 30 because I know that SD is potent as heck,,so that being said comes along sides as well,hoping the liquid anastrazole does the trick .. have you tried liquid anastazole?

  4. So yesterday routine was: shoulders and traps. 3 sets shoulder press dumbells 35x12 40x8 45x8 3 sets shoulder shrugs dumbells 50x12 55x10 60x8 shoulder fly UPS dumbells 20x10 25x8 30x6, 100 jumping jacks ,and 10 min ab workout- 150 gram protein daily for now,2000 calorie intake max daily, sitting 165 pds current, ,first pin yesterday 10/2/13 first SD dose yesterday 10/2/13 , to pip from sust and SD its already surging thru my blood,,('loco")will update after todays muscle annihilation!stay swoll

  5. Any reason for the relatively low dose test? Just looking for a base?
    Sustain Alpha is back!

  6. I know most say 500 mg a week is better,but I've also seen a lot.of people get good results with only 250 a week, since its my first inject run I figured id hit 250 to start: considering my weight and height I thought it would be good, plus with the SD hopefully I could get a nice jump start.

  7. So ,after several hours of contemplation,I've decided to go with 500 mg a week split 2x ,wed and Saturday at 250 mg each shot. Continue with .25 anastazole eod,and SD still at 20 mg a day for 4 weeks. This should be better right!


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