Stano or Tvar? -

Stano or Tvar?

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    Stano or Tvar?

    My winter bulk cycle is going to be:

    H-drol: 0/0/50/75/75/75/75/75

    8 weeks total. SD bridging into H-drol. The idea is to gain the big mass on the SD, the solidify it in with the H-drol.

    I stacked SD and Epi in a 7 1/2 week run earlier this year for something similar, and with Cycle Support and Tudca, I had no side effects.

    Possibly thinking about one-upping. I have both Stano and Tvar by LGI and since they're both non-methylated, why not? Should I go for the muscle hardening of the Stano or the strength of the Tvar? Any advantages of mixing one or the other with this stack? I have two bottles of each. Not enough to run the whole 8 weeks at the usual suggested dosage, but I'm open to opinions on dosages, and where in my cycle to add it in.

    My previous runs:
    1&2). Hdrol x2 (great first two runs. Strength and weight)
    3.) Pmag (horrible back pumps on this one)
    4.) Havoc (this one got cut off at 3 weeks because of a motorcycle accident. No pct because of hospitalization and jaw wired shut. No boobs. Got lucky. [IMG]http://forum.*************.com/vb/images/smilies/smile.png[/IMG] )
    5.) M-drol (this got cut short at 2 1/2 weeks because of kidney stones. Did pct this time.)
    6.) M-drol/Havoc (huge strength gains on this one)

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    I would stick to your first plan
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